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July and August are usually heralded as a hiatus in the property market, with holidays and sun-soaked barbeques/drizzle-drenched roasts (delete as applicable) cutting the number of vendors, house-hunters…

Roll up, roll up for the great Olympic non-event, says Trevor Abrahmsohn.

PPR Estates director, Nick Hopkinson, has lambasted today’s ONS House Price Index figures, slating the report as "simply an analysts' field day."

Long-standing estate agent, Gary Hersham of Beauchamp Estates, takes a look over the fence at the buying agent and the ups and downs of working together.

A significant number of properties in prime central London are bought and sold without ever appearing on the open market

Against the backdrop of ongoing financial and political instability in many parts of the world, the superprime residential markets have emerged as one of the leading secure investment options for the wo…

Better planning procedures and more lending to housebuilders can fix the foundations of Britain's economy, says Trevor Abrahmsohn.

Property finders need to think outside the botox to find their clients the perfect property, says Tracy Kellett.