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Why get worked-up about a do-up when smart buyers can make do with a done-up, asks Tracy Kellett in her latest piece for PrimeResi.

Avid readers will know that many of the property industry's biggest hitters have already started reflecting on the year that was and peeping beyond the festive curtain at what 2013 has in store

Forget Mansion Tax; an extra £600m from an extension to Council Tax banding would be much more sensible, says prime property's man of the moment Trevor Abrahmsohn, exclusively for PrimeResi.

 In a compelling and thorough new report published by Cluttons, Professor Michael Ball of Reading University's Henley Business School argues that London property prices, and rents in particular, are go…

In his first column for PrimeResi, Julian Amos scales the security gates to report back from the salubrious suburbs...

The Chancellor whacked up tax rates on prime properties in May; Camilla Dell explores what the impact, if any, has been on the market

 To sell your property on the open market or not?  That is the question... at least in prime central London, says Robert Bailey.

The £1m-£2m price range remains buoyant, but tax reforms are now seriously affecting the market for properties priced above £2m, according to the Buying Solution. T

The August RICS Housing Market Report is out and the big surprise is that there were no big surprises..

In his first column for PrimeResi, Robert Bailey reports back from an idyllic lagoon in Thailand - the perfect place for a spot of networking...

Cameron's new planning measures don't quite cut the mustard, says Trevor Abrahmsohn..

Comedy can add value, especially when there's shag-pile and a revolving bed involved, says Tracy Kellett.