UK house price growth halves

Annual inflation across the nation is now at its lowest ebb since September 2012, according to the UK HPI, as regional markets in the North East, London & the South East continue to suffer

Housing Minister Esther McVey’s first speech, in full

“You don’t come into politics as a woman to do ‘housework’,” said the ninth Housing Minister in nine years, in an oddly-judged riff during her maiden public address, “but when the Prime Minister asks you to do so on behalf of your country you make an exception!”

Is now the right time to buy in London?

There’s been “no crash, no fire sales and no mass exodus from London”, despite three years of catastrophising by “so-called ‘experts'”, writes Islay Robinson, CEO of global mortgage firm Enness. Here he talks us through the economic and financial factors that may sway a discretionary property buying decision in the capital…