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Market Talk: On the spike in house prices in London

Agencies, analysts and commentators share their thoughts on the latest ONS stats, released this week, which showed the fastest price growth the capital has seen since 2016. What are the key drivers at play, and how might this stage of the cycle play out?

On the vicious cycle of low supply

There is currently a massive imbalance in the UK market with 13 buyers for every property listed, according to Knight Frank. Here, the firm’s Tom Bill looks at the dynamics of low supply, and how the situation is likely to play out in the months ahead…

Stamp Duty Refunds: Too good to be true?

Stamp Duty is complicated and sometimes reliefs are overlooked, say top lawyers writing for The Chartered Institute of Taxation – so it can be worth revisiting transactions in search of a rebate. But many unsolicited approaches by claims firms are “too good to be true”…