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‘London is better positioned than its main competitors to come out of Covid well’: Northacre’s chief on the resilience of London’s luxury property market

“London is better positioned than its main competitors to come out of Covid well,” argues Northacre’s CEO, Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro, as he suggests that “lockdown highlighted the greatest pleasure of all is human contact and that we are urban beasts.”

Ten steps to a standout real estate CV

There have been easier times to search for a new role in the property world, but you can still stand out from the crowd with the help of a pitch-perfect CV. Property recruiter Barry Collins shares his advice on how to get your resume noticed, and a few pointers from some of the biggest agencies in the business…

The impact of Covid on India’s real estate sector

As millions around the world celebrate the Diwali festival of lights, one of the most important dates in the Hindu calendar, Vikas Wadhawan reports on how the Indian real estate industry is getting back on its feet following the outbreak of the pandemic.

Housing Secretary Jenrick’s Resi Convention speech, in full

Robert Jenrick took to the virtual stage this week to deliver the keynote speech at this year’s fully-online Resi Convention. Pitching the residential property industry as “both the backbone and the beating heart of our economy”, he covered a lot of ground without breaking any new ground.

On home, luxuries and necessities

It used to be a given that the closer you are to central London, the higher the per square foot value you’re paying for a home; now clients are much more excited by gardens than multiple fine dining options, writes Simon Deen