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The F Word: Who will shake up the industry now?

Ambitious, aggressive and innovative, Foxtons changed the game in the 80s and 90s, but somehow estate agency doesn’t seem to have moved on since, says Simon Rose – have we really got nothing more to give?

Talking Heads: Four thoughts on overvaluations

After an investigation into the scale of overvaluations in the UK property market concluded that thousands of vendors were being “misled” by some of the biggest estate agency chains, four industry experts continue the debate and offer up some solutions to the problem…

Why electric cars & London’s new ULEZ are set to drive a quiet revolution for property prices

As the world’s first Ultra-Low Emissions Zone comes into play in London today, we return to the view of buying agent Ed Heaton, who argues that savvy investors with a long-term view could do well to look at properties near busy roads. The rise of quieter, cleaner electric vehicles could be the engine of price acceleration in many such currently blighted locations, delivering significant localised improvements over the coming decades…

How to give professional advice to friends

Insurance & professional indemnity specialist Sarah Elderton offers guidance on what to do when friends approach you for professional property advice, while surveyor & building disputes expert Paul Greenwood tells a cautionary tale of a helping hand that soured a building project, a bank balance, and a relationship.