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'Finding the perfect village that combines both chocolate-box appeal with necessary amenities can be tricky,' says The Telegraph, as the newspaper teams up with Savills to produce a list of 'the most desirable…

12 months on, Measure ULA 'has either been a godsend or an absolute disaster, depending on who you ask,' says the LA Times.

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'I’m intrigued to see whether this long-neglected corner of the capital can become a centre of gravity once again,' says How To Spend It editor Jo Ellison, on Finchatton's high-profile 'reawakening' o…

Luxury property tycoon lambasts judge's valuation of the ex-president's palatial Florida mansion as 'ludicrous', suggesting it's 'probably worth around £1billion'.

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'The job must not be half-done,' warns The Guardian, as an important piece of legislation is put on ice for the Summer holidays.