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'I’m intrigued to see whether this long-neglected corner of the capital can become a centre of gravity once again,' says How To Spend It editor Jo Ellison, on Finchatton's high-profile 'reawakening' o…

Luxury property tycoon lambasts judge's valuation of the ex-president's palatial Florida mansion as 'ludicrous', suggesting it's 'probably worth around £1billion'.

Charlotte Ivers reports on the gilded lives of the capital's ultra-high-flyers for The Sunday Times.

An MIT professor explains how advances in AI could have major implications for the real estate industry in this piece for the FT.

David Byers previews the slew of US-style TV series lifting the lid on UK's super-prime property market in a piece for The Sunday Times.

'The job must not be half-done,' warns The Guardian, as an important piece of legislation is put on ice for the Summer holidays.

Erratic and extreme weather patterns are driving a worrying - and expensive - surge of subsidence claims across the capital and South East England.

The Financial Times warns of 'little relief in sight' for struggling tenants and beleaguered landlords.

'The mansion block is among the rare strata of architectural inventions to have filtered from the bottom up', writes Edwin Heathcote in this fascinating deep-dive for the FT.

'Forget Londongrad, England’s capital has become a honeypot for tech gazillionaires from Silicon Valley,' says high-society glossy magazine Tatler.

'OHP’s super-prime valuations are completely uncorrelated with the wider housing market', concludes Bryce Elder after another attempted analysis of the ultra-luxury resi scheme for FT Alphaville.

A long-read feature by David Byers highlights how the top-end of the property market shifted through the pandemic, including insights from Knight Frank, Savills, Hamptons, Recoco Property Search and Property…