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George Hammond has taken a tour of Christian Candy's 80 Holland Park for the Financial Times, noting that it is "a stark departure" from One Hyde Park, and reflects the shifting tastes of London's super-rich…

Crown Estate Chief Executive Dan Labbad has warned that property owners face "obsolescence" if they fail to adapt to changing work and lifestyle needs, and rising environmental standards.

In this piece for the Times, Carol Lewis investigates the psychological drivers behind the current housing market boom, which has wrong-footed even the most seasoned of analysts and forecasters.

Writing for the Times, Emanuele Midolo explains “how two public school boys from Surrey created the world’s most talked about residential building”.

A "combination of bold developers and new arrivals" from Hong Kong "could provide a shot in the arm for London's pandemic-afflicted property market," writes Karen Kwok for Reuters..

'The controversial ruler of Dubai has acquired a land and property empire in Britain that appears to exceed 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres), making him one of the country’s largest landowners'

‘New Zealand is innovating again’, writes David Smith in this opinion piece for the Times looking at how the Ardern government is dealing with a soaring real estate market.

In this piece for the Financial Times, George Hammond speaks to buyers, agencies and analysts about the potential impacts of the incoming 2% surcharge for non-residents.

Valentina Romei explains the pros and cons of the UK's various housing market indices - and how to read them - in this useful guide for the Financial Times.

Buyers were negotiating 50% discounts in the Big Apple over the summer, reports Melissa Lawford in this piece for The Telegraph, but the tide now looks to be turning...

The Times' Financial Editor Patrick Hosking pulls no punches in this overview of the UK's property portal scene. No one comes out of it particularly well

"Switzerland’s wealth tax offers a rare real-world example of how a levy on assets can work, just as such ideas gain traction elsewhere in the wake of the coronavirus crisis," writes Bloomberg journalist C…