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Will Pavia test-drives Manhattan’s Steinway Tower for The Times, and surveys the recent crop of ‘superskinnies’ changing the city’s famous skyline.

“The agents have finally learned you can’t just do deals with anybody”.

Enda Curran examines the potential impact of a global housing market slowdown on the world’s economy in this Bloomberg deep-dive

London's position as playground for Russia's super-rich is "a party that had already peaked by 2014" and "is surely now over," writes Simon Usborne in Town & Country magazine.

"Frenzied demand from buyers and a shortage of properties for sale have led to a boom in off-market sales, where homes are sold without being listed on an estate agent’s website or a property portal," w…

Aylesford International chief Andrew Langton has spoken with remarkable candour to the New Statesman, about dirty money, Russian sanctions, threats of violence, and regret.

A long-read feature in The Economist delves into the networks and key players in Londongrad's fallen economy, profiling some familiar faces along the way.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is shining a light on a "small army" of private client advisors, brokers, accountants and lawyers that enable Russian oligarchs to "live large"…

Reporters have named names and details of international residents at Finchatton's super-prime Twenty Grosvenor Square development, calling the 37-apartment scheme "Londongrad’s most fashionable residence."

Jess Shankleman takes deep dive into the impact of climate change - specifically flooding - on the capital’s housing stock, featuring data analysis and graphics by Marie Patino.

Investigation links ‘at least 36’ mansions, villas and luxury apartments - worth a combined $1.2bn - with ten targeted oligarchs, including some of England’s finest private homes…

Mystery continues to surround the ownership of London's second-largest private home