‘Alexa, get the headlines from PrimeResi’

PrimeResi can now be voice-activated: Just ask your Alexa-enabled device for the latest luxury property headlines

Voice-controlled AI assistants are fundamentally changing the way we interact with technology, with 50% of all web browsing expected to be done without a screen by 2020, and voice control rapidly becoming part of the furniture both at home and in forward-thinking offices.

PrimeResi Alexa Skill

A survey by top-end international real estate broker Coldwell Banker found last year that 72% of Americans who have smart home products want voice control, while an incredible 40% of UK homes are set to own an Amazon Echo this year, according to media intelligence outfit WARC. Whatsmore, the value of “voice shopping” is expected to jump from its current US$2bn annual spend to $40bn by 2022 in the United States alone, according to a recent survey by OC&C Strategy Consultants, and business consultancy Cap Gemini has flagged voice as “the new UI for enterprise”.

PrimeResi members can now interact with PrimeResi.com using their Alexa-enabled devices

All big tech players have their voice-led AI offerings: Apple has Siri, Google has Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana, but Amazon’s Alexa is generally regarded as leader of the pack for now. As Cap Gemini noted in its recent industry report, “Amazon voice is ahead of the competition”.

So we’re delighted to announce that PrimeResi members can now interact with PrimeResi.com using their Alexa-enabled devices.

Using simple commands, you can now have Alexa read your daily PrimeResi briefing aloud, and search for content with your voice alone.

The app can be downloaded for your Alexa-enabled devices from Amazon right now; the following commands are available:

  • Alexa, get the headlines from PrimeResi
  • Alexa, ask PrimeResi for the extended briefing
  • Alexa, ask PrimeResi to search for [search term]

The application was developed by the Alexa skills developers at our partner agency FX Digital – the guys behind PrimeResi’s Webby-nominated new website.

Enable the PrimeResi Alexa skill at www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DLPL52J/

Find out more about FX Digital’s skills here