Official guidance on moving home during the Covid-19 lockdown

UPDATED: “Home buyers and renters should, as far as possible, delay moving to a new house” says the Government. But moves are still possible and happening. Here’s some in-depth guidance from the Ministry of Housing and from The Law Society on how to transact safely during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus has ‘completely wrecked’ the housing market bounce as viewings slump

“It seems likely that Covid-19, combined with last month’s floods, will have completely wrecked any positive effects that political certainty since the general election may have provided to the housing market,” says Professor Yolande Barnes. The National Association of Estate Agents, meanwhile, has anecdotally reported that the number of property viewings has tumbled by “more than 50%” in the last two weeks.

Global indoor air quality benchmark launches

Ekkist founder Olga Turner Baker has launched a new venture, teaming up with Metrikus to create AirRated, which provides property developers and owners with a “global benchmark for Indoor Air Quality”.