The F Word: Who will shake up the industry now?

Ambitious, aggressive and innovative, Foxtons changed the game in the 80s and 90s, but somehow estate agency doesn’t seem to have moved on since, says Simon Rose – have we really got nothing more to give?

The Life of Luxury and How to Sell It

Luxury is its own market, but who shops there? Who sells there? What’s the best strategy? Researchers at Harvard Business School have examined consumerism at the top of the curve – from high fashion and luxury watches to prestige cars and top-end experiences – to produce a series of 12 insight papers…

Rent or Buy: Does the British obsession with home ownership pay off?

Professors Colin Jones and Abdulkader Mostafa of Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Business School have explored the bottom-line implications of buying a home rather than renting. “The deep-seated home-owner aspirations of Britons are justified and have been sustained by significant financial gains,” they conclude; “it really does pay to buy”

How to give professional advice to friends

Insurance & professional indemnity specialist Sarah Elderton offers guidance on what to do when friends approach you for professional property advice, while surveyor & building disputes expert Paul Greenwood tells a cautionary tale of a helping hand that soured a building project, a bank balance, and a relationship.