The Super Prime Agent: A Day In The Life

What does a typical day look like for Knight Frank's Daniel Daggers?

Regular PrimeResi contributor Daniel Daggers runs us through a typical day in the life as one of Knight Frank’s top super-prime specialists, from photoshoots, phone calls and off-market mega-mansions to quinoa, football and Instagram

6.30am: I’m one of those annoying morning people, so as soon as my alarm goes off I’m up and checking my emails and messages on WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s important that I get back to any time-sensitive ones straight away, as a lot of my clients, buyers and colleagues will be going to bed on the other side of the world.

After that, it’s into the shower before selecting a shirt from my colour-coded collection (I’m colour-blind, so coding really is key). I also remember to pack an extra suit and watch – I’ll tell you why later.

Once I’m satisfied that I’ve dealt with everything urgent (and prepared a quick post for Instagram), I hop into my car and drive to work, making some calls along the way (hands-free, of course!).

8.00am: Today my job is feeling especially glamorous – I’m off to an off-market property worth £150 million for a photo-shoot. That’s the reason for the two watches; you can always judge a man by his watch so I want to ensure I wear the right one!

I always find photo-shoots a funny one. I’m very confident and frequently feature while documenting my days (as those of you following my Instagram stories will know), yet the second someone else holds a camera to my face it’s suddenly not so easy. I definitely prefer filming to photos; there’s something very uncomfortable about smiling into the distance as someone clicks away and a crew behind them watches your every move.

Fingers crossed the photos themselves tell a different story… I’ll let you be the judge of that!

10.00am: Once the photo-shoot is done and dusted, I head over to our local Belgravia office to meet with Stuart Bailey, the Head of office, to talk about another very exciting off-market property. Most weeks I’ll catch up with at least one local office to discuss super prime assets and any upcoming launches.

Tempo and speed is one of the most important parts of my role

11.00am: Phone calls. I talk on the phone, a lot. Tempo and speed is one of the most important parts of my role; it’s essential that I get information to the right people as soon as possible. Efficiency is key. To me, travelling to and from meetings is prime time to make calls – as the old saying goes, time is money so it would be a waste to take a leisurely stroll to each place… that’s what the weekend is for!

11:30am: As soon as I get to HQ, I sit down with my Super Prime team to catch up on everything that happened yesterday and our plans for the day ahead. This is really important to me – teamwork is vital to success and it’s absolutely worth making the time to ensure Charles, Sara and Catherine are on the same page and that we each know what the other is doing. Four brains are better than one!

12:30pm: I head over to my current favourite lunch spot: NAC in Mayfair. Their quinoa, pomegranate and chicken salad is delicious (sadly, I haven’t been sponsored to say that!). Lunchtimes are often spent entertaining clients or catching up with the team or colleagues from other parts of our business, but today it’s a meal for one. I make the most of the opportunity to gather my thoughts and, of course, catch up on those endless emails and messages.

1.00pm: After a bite to eat, it’s onto a £22m house viewing with a very interesting  client in St John’s Wood… I’d love to tell you more but confidentiality is key so we’ll leave it at that!

2:00pm: A lot of my clients are overseas, so I’ll often work with the International team to compile a list of super-prime assets in a particular area for a client to take a look at; this week we’re looking at Cap Farrat.

4.00pm: A big part of my role is being an adviser – I spend the next hour discussing how to optimise the space of one particular client’s 30,000 square foot property before building work commences. This will be the biggest investment of his life, so it’s vital that I properly research and put the work in to ensure I provide the best advice possible.

6.00pm: In between viewings and catching up with colleagues and clients, the afternoons fly by and before I know it, it’s time to go home. I try my best to leave the office by six; I’m a firm believer that working fast and efficiently is the key to performance. You can’t give it your all if you never take some time out to recharge! Having said that, my phone never leaves my side and I never truly stop working until I fall asleep at night. If my clients want to do business, so do I!

7.00pm: Tonight I’m off to Chiltern Firehouse to meet with a lawyer to discuss the terms of his recently agreed client’s purchase.

My evenings are often spent entertaining clients, but if nothing’s in the diary then it depends how I’m feeling. I try to listen to my body; if I need to recover I’ll grab a bite to eat locally and relax at home, but if I’m feeling more active I’ll head to the gym.

I also try to make the most of all the culture London has to offer, with its incredible galleries, theatre shows (I’m a sucker for a good musical), and the cinema (Wonder Woman is next on my list!) – I’m a strong believer that a bit of escapism relaxes the mind and keeps it thinking creatively.

At the moment, I can also frequently be found on the football pitch; next month I’m representing GB in a big football tournament overseas so I want to make sure I’m in peak condition for it.

After all, my days may vary but one thing always stays the same: I love to be in the winning team!

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