There was surge in the number of property listings flagging access to an electric car charging point in September, during the fuel crisis.

The proportion of homes and properties at risk of flooding in Kensington & Chelsea is likely to rise from 4% now to 13% within our lifetimes, warns a new report.

"We expect that the energy efficiency of a home will increasingly be a priority for buyers in the next few years," says Rightmove, which has released data that suggests "people are willing to pay an extra…

The new Greener Homes Alliance "will provide access to funding and expertise to help developers ‘go green’ when making decisions for their developments."

The Government's big plan to de-carbonise British homes in its push to Net Zero is "a comprehensive and groundbreaking strategy", says sustainability lecturer Ran Boydell - but it has some major flaws...

The Government has finally published its Net Zero Strategy, along with an in-depth Heat & Building Strategy.

The Government's new three-year Boiler Upgrade Scheme will launch in April, offering subsidies to help replace gas boilers with more environmentally-friendly heat pumps.

The Duke of Westminster's property empire is speeding up its environmental strategy, starting carbon offsets five years ahead of schedule.

The transition to net zero emissions is often framed as a race to make new stuff – such as electric vehicles and wind turbines – as fast as possible. That’s actually the easy part, says Ran Boydell. The h

A billionaire and an architect have revealed a plan to build an entirely new city for five million people in an American desert. They just need a location and around $400bn to do it

“We want to promote the newest and most exciting properties, initiatives, ideas and businesses making a positive difference for one of the world’s most pressing issues," says Chris Dietz of Leading Rea…

Octagon Park is thought to be the first cluster of detached Passivhaus Plus homes in the UK, and will ‘push the boundaries of residential building performance’