Buying agent Marcus Gondolo-Gordon agrees with the Climate Change Committee, that EPCs 'create market uncertainty and are in urgent need of reform' - and he has some practical suggestions for how things…

'We need a fairer, better approach to decarbonising how we heat our homes,' said the Prime Minister as he 'scrapped' a series of eco-minded measures.

RICS says its representatives will be "at the heart of the event with crucial access to the key influencers of global climate change policy."

"A simple tax restructure" could help more private rental homes meet EPC targets, suggest property industry insiders.

'Educating homebuyers and working closely with our lending partners to help deliver innovative retrofit solutions with sustained outcomes remains a key priority,' says CSS.

A lot of progress has been made, but some 2.9 million homes in the private rented sector still need work done to upgrade their EPC rating to a C - and the bill could hit £30bn.

Housing Secretary says his Housing Department is 'asking too much too quickly' of landlords to improve EPC rating; Prime Minister doesn't want to 'hassle' people with energy efficiency upgrades.

As a heatwave sweeps across southern Europe and global temperatures reach record heights, three academics from Oxford University warn the UK is likely to see a significant rise in "uncomfortably hot" weather…

Consultation of property professionals paves the way for a new Residential Retrofit Standard.

"As energy-efficiency and tax becomes more important, good bands in both improve prospects for sales," comments one surveyor in the latest RICS survey.

Erratic and extreme weather patterns are driving a worrying - and expensive - surge of subsidence claims across the capital and South East England.

Laira Piccinato explains how to connect clients with nature.