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The Grade I listed Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire plays host to this year's G7 Summit of global economic leaders

The only surprise at the passing of Linley Brook's local pub is that it managed to survive for so long, says William Cash from Shropshire

Average values for the prime regional country markets showed positive growth for a quarter (0

The first uplift in country house prices since 2011 has been recorded by Knight Frank's Prime Country House Index, although values remain roughly around 2004's levels and performance has depended greatly o…

As English Heritage prepares to celebrate the birth of heritage tourism with the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act, Britain's great estates are under siege from growth and progress, says William Cash from Upton…

Effective crisis management can dig you out of the deepest bunker, says William Cash. You just need someone like Matthew Freud and his highbrow journal The Brewery in your corner

Edward Pettit-Mills has joined Savills' Country House Consultancy business as an Associate in Newbury

Reports of particularly slim pickings in the prime country house market have been filtering in of late

The swine! says William Cash as one of Shropshire's crown jewels is once again under siege

Good maps are a vital management tool that can help unlock a prime estate’s true potential.

Britain's heritage is its most valuable asset, says William Cash as he continues to explore the wealth of culture in our listed buildings and country houses. Read Part One here

The Government must stop sidelining our heritage industry; it's why people visit Britain, says William Cash (part one of two)