Luxury developer looks to the future with flying car-friendly £10m mansion


Guy Phoenix's latest super-home scheme in the East Midlands will come with a pioneering new feature when it launches in the Spring - the first dedicated residential landing pad for flying cars...

A luxury developer is making sci-fi a reality in the East Midlands, installing the first dedicated residential landing pad for flying cars at his latest new-build mansion project.

Guy Phoenix, who has built and sold some of the area’s priciest properties in recent years, has hooked up with Derby-based VRCO, the designer and manufacturer of a two-seater craft capable of vertical take-off and landing, with the aim of bringing bigger cities within “hassle-free” commuting distance.

Backed by EU funding, VRCO is making significant progress with its NeoXcraft machine; currently in testing, a prototype is on the way next year, and the first few are due to roll off the production line in 2020, costing £1.5m a pop. You’ll need to be trained and certified to fly one, but they have the edge over existing private air travel options, according to Phoenix, who became interested in the idea after spending endless hours driving up and down the motorway to London.

Not only are helicopters noisy (as Battersea’s residents will concur), but they face numerous restrictions as to take-off and landing within a built-up area; the VRCO craft will apparently sound more like a leaf blower, and with no solid fuel on board, multiple motors and a parachute should all else fail, safety levels are expected to be significantly higher.

The landing pad is due to be installed (STPP) at Hermitage, a super-luxe £10m mansion with 2.5 acres of grounds in Edwalton, which is officially hitting the market in the Spring. A neighbouring scheme called Fairmont, recently delivered by the firm to a similar spec, is currently being marketed at £3.6m.

Phoenix is also talking to VRCO about securing one of the machines for his own use. He told PrimeResi: “With a number of the most expensive homes ever sold in the area already being mine, my intentions are to maybe offer a craft build slot with Hermitage in early spring next year. The house itself has been built to a level rarely seen in construction in both design, finish and technology. So together, the Guy Phoenix brand delivering luxury homes and the VRCO brand soon to deliver the future, I am sure will work well together.”

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