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Unlike prices, transaction volumes in the UK's prime markets have not rebounded since the dark days of the Financial Crisis

It’s a rare event that commands such raging ambivalence.

"Meh" pretty much sums up a lot of reactions to Chancellor George's eighth Budget speech

As Santa Claus prepares to take to the skies tomorrow evening, buying agent Mark Crampton takes a look at some of country's most distinctive chimney architecture, but which is the most suitable for del…

Although 2015 may not go down as a vintage year in the country market, a number of extraordinary properties still changed hands behind the scenes. Her

A 3% increase the rate of stamp duty on buy-to-let and second homes, and a chunky pledge of extra funding for new housebuilding have set tongues wagging in the aftermath of the combined Autumn Statement …

David Cameron's vow to crack down on the purchase of UK properties via “anonymous shell companies” grabbed plenty of headlines yesterday. "Lo

Started up in 2008 by two of the UK's most experienced buying agents, Middleton Advisors has gone on to become a go-to name for purchasers in need of pro advice

The three big policy announcements for the high-value property industry in today's Emergency Budget were a mixed bag

Six weeks on from the election and the capital's supply and demand levels remain way off-kilter, according to these reports from buying agents on the prime front line...

The Conservatives will be the power party for the next five years, and they've even got a fully-fledged majority government.

Buying agency Middleton Advisors has recruited a new member to its core Hampshire market