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What the residential property industry thinks about abolishing stamp duty for first-time buyers, the empty homes levy, housebuilding targets, & more

Pretty much everyone in the property sector wants the Chancellor to re-reform stamp duty on 22nd November - but Hammond probably won't cut it.

Hard breakfast for Theresa May as the Conservatives lose their overall majority, flinging the country into yet more uncertainty

'Don't do it alone' seems to be the overriding consensus...

Buying agency responds to burgeoning demand in the £5k+ per week market

This, if the Remain campaign bunf was actually accurate, is the end of days

Unlike prices, transaction volumes in the UK's prime markets have not rebounded since the dark days of the Financial Crisis

It’s a rare event that commands such raging ambivalence.

"Meh" pretty much sums up a lot of reactions to Chancellor George's eighth Budget speech

As Santa Claus prepares to take to the skies tomorrow evening, buying agent Mark Crampton takes a look at some of country's most distinctive chimney architecture, but which is the most suitable for del…

Although 2015 may not go down as a vintage year in the country market, a number of extraordinary properties still changed hands behind the scenes. Her