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Property prices in many of the UK's most flood-prone locations have increased faster than their surrounding local area over the last ten years...

The average price paid by cash buyers for a home in the UK is 9% less than that paid by mortgaged buyers... But it's a different story in London.

It took the average vendor 256 days to sell their property in 2019 (from first listing online to sale completion as marked by the Land Registry), although there were wide variations between different locations;…

Two separate analyses tell us that homes are taking longer to find a buyer now compared to a year ago

But there's a pretty broad range between different regions. Agents in five postcodes manage to bag fees in excess of £30,000 per property sale

But three London boroughs have seen their average property value drop more than their average salary

Stick to the 9-5 agencies, advises GetAgent

69% of recent sellers who used a traditional high street estate agency thought that the fees represented good value

GetAgent says its 'super-seed' fundraise is 'a timely validation of the traditional estate agency model'

Altering an asking price - either up or down - leads to slower sales, according to some research by GetAgent

A league table of local estate agents' performance has been launched to 'help property owners make an informed decision' and drive business for local independents with skinny marketing budgets. C