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New analysis points to a surge of new supply hitting the property market.

New research has identified which postcodes tend to have the most wayward property asking prices - with several Prime Central London enclaves featuring.

'The manic market conditions of the pandemic have well and truly subsided,' says GetAgent after polling over 500 UK estate agents.

Canary Wharf, Westminster and Bayswater have more estate agencies registered than any other UK areas, with hundreds of branches vying for instructions and deals...

'The pandemic-inspired property boom is being brought well and truly back down to earth,' says GetAgent after assessing the proportion of homes listed for sale that have already found a buyer.

A lower proportion of property listings were marked as sold in Q3 this year than last, reports GetAgent - with Bristol and London the only places to see an increase.

Estate agencies have listed an average of 7.3 homes per branch across Britain in 2022 so far, down from an average of 8.4 in 2021, according to some new research

After two years of punchy growth, house prices in 25 regional market towns have fallen by an average of 2% in the last 12 months.

Some areas are seeing many more new homes built than are needed, while other locations are falling far below their housing need.

More property sellers are getting closer to their asking price now than last year, with 41% of postcodes seeing the average deal being done at or above asking.

GetAgent reckons some areas are seeing one in every five new property listings find a buyer within a fortnight.

Mal McCallion and John De Pree have joined estate agency comparison website GetAgent.