A Matter of Taste: Can personal preferences permit you to refuse to approve a neighbour’s building plans?

A High Court case over an ultra-modern new-build house in Holland Park shines a light on a tricky matter of taste. “The case does firmly confirm that aesthetic concerns have their place in the consideration,” writes Frankie Tierney, but “it is clear that just because you regard the proposed building plans of your neighbour to be in the worst possible taste, that by itself will not entitle you to refuse to approve the plans where such refusal has to be reasonable.”

Planning for the Future: Government reveals details of ‘radical’ reforms to create ‘a whole new planning system for England’

This is “radical reform unlike anything we have seen since the Second World War,” declares the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as the Planning for the Future consultation opens. “Not more fiddling around the edges, not simply painting over the damp patches, but levelling the foundations and building, from the ground up, a whole new planning system for England.”