Architects and property developers "have to be more creative in our approach to buildings old and new, residential or commercial, to ensure that what we design, is designed to last," says SPPARC chief, Trevor …

The number of planning applications to build skyscrapers in London has dropped by more than 13% in the last year, according to the ninth annual London Tall Buildings Survey by New London Architecture and…

High-profile property developer agrees to government demands to pay cladding scandal costs, reportedly accusing the Housing Secretary of acting like "Al Capone".

“Ancient lights are still a current day safeguard against unwanted obstruction to natural light,” says the RICS.

"This is just the beginning," says Housing Secretary Michael Gove. "We will do whatever it takes to hold industry to account, and under our new measures there will be nowhere to hide."

"Developers will need to absorb new costs, and tighten margins in order to secure sites in what we expect to continue to be a competitive market," says Savills' head of regional development.

Super-prime construction firm Knowles will be delivering Phase 1 works at 3-11 Lancelot Place

Jason Bennett-Meere has been promoted to the newly-created UK Managing Director role at off-site house-building business Modulous.

‘Buildings should always be covered for the amount it would cost to replace them, and that cost could be much greater than anticipated’, says Savills

Project starts are down by 46% on last year’s levels, reports Glenigan

Jess Shankleman takes deep dive into the impact of climate change - specifically flooding - on the capital’s housing stock, featuring data analysis and graphics by Marie Patino.

The Ebury Bridge scheme promises the largest delivery of new affordable homes in Westminster in a generation.