Jonathan specialises in the London market where, prior to joining TBS in 2012, he spent six years working for market-leading estate agents. Working in various locations within London has allowed him to accumulate expert knowledge of the differing areas and their price points. This holistic understanding of the market ensures that Jonathan is well-equipped to provide clients with uniquely informed advice, whatever their requirements. Jonathan was raised on the outskirts of London in Surrey, but his life and roots are set firmly in the city where he was educated, lives and plays rugby. His warm personal style, along with his proven credibility and expertise in the market, have allowed him to compile an invaluable network of industry contacts. These allow him privileged access to the best properties, both on and off-market and often well in advance of other interested parties, which greatly benefits his clients in such a competitive market. Jonathan also travels to the Middle East several times a year in order to service the needs of his clients and contacts in the region. His ability to understand the contrasting needs of both international and domestic buyers sets him apart in the industry.