The Super Prime Agent: The itch & tickle

Often get the old 'I’m not good with names and faces' excuse? Follow Daniel Daggers' six steps to making a memorable first impression and watch your network grow...

Knight Frank’s super-prime specialist Daniel Daggers shares his six steps to making a memorable first impression…

Last week, I was in The London Edition hotel when the lift doors opened and a gentleman I sold a property to fifteen years ago stepped out. He saw me, did a double-take and exclaimed “Daniel Daggers!”.

So, besides having an impressive memory for faces, how did he remember me? The answer is simple: because I made an excellent first impression all those years ago (and went on to sell him the home he has raised his children in).

You can make sure you’re remembered in decades to come too. Here are my six top tips on how to make a good and lasting first impression.

1. Your appearance

You are seen before you are heard – smile! Dress smartly, and look fresh and approachable.

2. The introduction

So many handshakes seem to either be a vice-like grip or, even worse, a limp shake. Finding a balance is crucial. A handshake is an insight into the person you’re meeting and the impression they want to give you!

People also don’t always realise how important it is to say your full name. There’s a million Daniels out there, but there’s only one (fine, maybe two or three) Daniel Daggers. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has called me after a lunch where someone mentioned meeting me and someone else commented “I know Daniel Daggers!”. It’s a great way to grow your network organically.

3. Your demeanour

When it comes to demeanour, my main advice is to be charming and to be a ‘positive realist’. You only have to pick up a newspaper today to see plenty of negativity; clients don’t need their agent to be negative too. But they also don’t need someone who is so insuppressibly positive that it’s hard to believe what they’re saying.

4. Listen

Be interested in what the other person has to say.  Take it on board and make sure your response is relevant and engaging.

5. The itch and tickle

And now for the most important tip of all: the itch and tickle technique. Master this and you will never be forgotten.

The tickle is telling someone something that will make them laugh.

The itch is the detail you want them to know – something relevant, insightful and possibly shocking.

Using the itch and tickle technique has become second nature to me and it has never let me down. I truly believe it’s fundamental to building any strong and lasting relationship. Get it right and you forge a relationship in minutes, rather than over the long expanse of months and years.

In fact, I challenge you to try it next time you meet someone new. I guarantee they won’t forget you.

6. The departure

So, you’ve done all the above. You look great, sound great, made your new acquaintance laugh while teaching them something new… now it’s just a case of saying goodbye.

Before parting ways, take their name and number and give yours in return. After all, there’s no point putting in the effort to create a new relationship if you’re not able to follow up.

So there you have it, my six steps to making a memorable first impression. Now you’ll never have to hear the “I’m not good with names and faces…” excuse ever again!

See you the next time – hopefully with a few more relationships added to your network!

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