Stanhope’s Council JV project gets the nod in Fulham

Two sites will be delivered (one with 100% market-sale homes), with all units being offered to H&F residents first

Hammersmith & Fulham’s planners have approved a double-headed new residential development in the Sands End area; Edith Summerskill House and Watermeadow Court are the first elements of a 15-year housing-led regeneration Joint Venture between the Council and Stanhope Plc.

Watermeadow Court (100% market sale)

The 50/50 JV, operating under the “HFS Developments” banner, will now crack on with delivering the two sites: 219 market-sale apartments at Watermeadow Court, and 133 units (80% social housing) in a 20-storey tower at Edith Summerskill House.

Watermeadow Court (2017/01841/FUL) sits about 150 metres from the river. Approved plans drawn up by architects Darling Associates involve three new buildings of up to nine storeys, covering 22,661 square metres. All three buildings will share a common single-storey basement.

All units will, HFS says, be offered to local H&F residents first; affordable flats in Edith Summerskill House will be “offered first to people living on the Clem Attlee estate and then to Fulham residents.”

The Council-owned Watermeadow Court site was declared surplus to requirements back in 2008, and earmarked for disposal.

The “visionary” (LBHF’s word) JV structure with Stanhope “enables the council to share in any profits generated through the sale of homes on the private market.”

Gerald Eve handled the planning application.