Property management firm aims at developers with interior design spin-off

Design trio sets sights on high-end showhome and student property projects

Property investment and management firm Grant Property has launched a new interior design service aimed at developers.

The 20-year old Edinburgh-based company has set a trio of its 100 staff on the case to win new clients, with a two-pronged focus on high-end show homes and the student market. Property Sales Services Manager is at the helm of the spin-off division, supported by Samantha Curran and Nadine Robb.

The team has completed around 120 refurbishments / design projects for Grant’s investors and landlords in just the last 12 months – mostly in Georgian and Victorian properties, and are now offering their services to a wider marketplace in the hope that a strict attention to budgets and deadlines will win over developers across the UK.

Nadine Robb (left) and Lynne Muirson

Lynne Muirson, Property Sales Services Manager at Grant Property: “We completed 122 interior design projects for our own clients in the past year, each of them adding long-term value to investment properties that benefit landlords and tenants alike.

“Nobody knew about us outside of the firm and people would joke that we were the best kept secret in the property business. That inspired us to take what we are doing and offer it more widely.

“As a team, we share real passion for what we do. Every day challenges us creatively, while also keeping us focused on delivering value – and doing so on time and on budget.

“The range of our work has covered everything from creating smart-yet-durable flats aimed at students, to upscale, high-end makeovers for luxury properties. Responses from investors, landlords and tenants are universally positive, so we know we have an excellent formula.

“We make the whole experience easy for the client from the moment we listen to their brief.  The service is bespoke and tailored to each property.

“Consistently the feedback we receive is that, as a team we ‘just get it’. That comes from being part of a company with over 20 years’ experience and an emphasis on delivery.  Certainly, being part of Grant Property keeps us focused on creating comfortable and attractive accommodation that will achieve the best possible rental income.”