Prime Punk: Henry & James agent to rock Glastonbury

What do you get if you cross the Sales Manager of a high-end estate agency, a legendary television presenter and the American punk movement?

If you’re lucky enough to have Glastonbury tickets, you’ll find out soon enough, as James Baring, Sales Manager of Henry & James’s Chelsea office and the Loyd Grossman get set to go through the key changes with their top-drawer band – The New Forbidden – at the famous festival in June.

Clearly not one for putting his feet up after a long day at the sharp end of the property market, you’re more likely to find Baring anchoring a breakneck bassline for his bandmates – a seriously tight outfit specialising in rollickingly good anthems.

So, who plays in a band like this I hear you ask.

Long before he became a cult television presenter on this side of the Atlantic, Grossman was part of a cult American punk band called Jet Bronx and The Forbidden. In late 2007, he began putting together a new band with Valentine Guinness on vocals. He, in turn, brought in Baring on bass while Sam Stopford provided the drums and Tom Hughes came in on keyboards. Backing singer Leila completes the line up. Big cheese-wise, they’ve even had Geoff Haslam, the legendary Atlantic Records producer, overseeing recordings.

The group appeared at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool a few months later and since then has gone on to play Glastonbury, Belladrum, the Borderline Club and Soho’s 100 Club. As well as this year’s Glastonbury Festival on Thursday, 27th June, The New Forbidden will play seven festivals over the course of the summer.

Baring: “I won’t be giving up the day job quite yet but I have a lot of fun playing with Loyd and the others. We’re a surprisingly good band, I have to say, and I look forward to the tour!”

Full details of the tour can be found on the band’s website