Peckham follows Barcelona in Airbnb crackdown

Southwark gets tough on short-term rentals...

Southwark Council is taking a stand against the short-term letting boom, introducing an Airbnb ban in one part of the borough.

Residents of current or former council estates in Peckham are being warned not to let out their properties on the ever-growing number of online rental platforms, with officials citing issues including “noise nuisance, over-occupation and damage to communal areas”.

Southwark councillor Stephanie Cryan: “We are aware that a growing number of leaseholders are letting their properties, on a short-term basis, through platforms including but not exclusive to Airbnb, Housetrip and Gumtree.

“As far as we are concerned our homes are homes, not hotels. We want people in our council homes and on our council estates who are a part of the community, not visitors passing through.”

Southwark started making noises about this earlier this year, amid concerns about nuisance and a potential reduction in the stock of housing available for longer term tenancies.

Cllr Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration and new homes, said: “We are doing everything we can to get homes of all types built across our borough, and whilst sites like Airbnb can help people generate some much-needed cash when they’re away on holiday, we do need to make sure that it isn’t abused and leads to problems that have happened elsewhere.”

The ban – which applies to leasehold properties and is based on breach of tenancy – puts Peckham alongside European cities including Barcelona and Berlin in getting tough on short-term lets. The authorities in Barcelona are coming down particularly hard, sending inspectors round to addresses listed on sites to check they are registered with the tourist board.