More property firms expecting headcount freezes

Survey of 4,000 candidates and hiring managers reveals some interesting employment trends...

A quarterly survey of 4,000 candidates and hiring managers has shown a marked increase in the number expecting headcount freezes over the next three months.

38% of those polled by specialist recruiter Dove & Hawk said there would likely be a halt on hiring in the coming quarter, up 16% on the previous quarter.

Most were staying optimistic, however, and given that 60% of candidates said they would be considering their career options over the next three months, the firm is expecting a hard-fought “battle for talent” over the course of H2…

James Huntly, Director, Dove & Hawk: “Of course, political and other economical influences mean that it’s no revelation that we should be cautious with our optimism in the residential space. Adapting quickly to the changing landscape will be the biggest challenge for most larger businesses as they naturally have more red tape and hoops to jump through. Many of our contacts believe buyers, investors and decision makers seem to have become de-sensitised by the constant changes in the UK market, resulting in unexpected confidence across prime Zone 1 locations.

“Transactions are happening and in the next 3 months, 40% of our clients and hiring managers are expecting increased staff numbers and 60% of employees will be considering their career options, which suggests the battle for talent over the rest of 2017 could become very competitive.”