In Fairytale Land: Agency values top Disney castles and palaces

We’re still officially a couple of months off silly season, but that hasn’t stopped one firm from having a pop at pricing up all the best-known Disney palaces and castles.


Using “in-depth research” of each property’s features as seen in the films, and “current UK house prices” as a guide, House Network has put real-world values on five of the most famous fairytale residences.

Part of this makes us feel very sad inside, but here goes…

The Sultan’s Palace from Aladdin would be the most expensive of the lot, according to the firm, weighing in at an estimated £1.75 billion. Crowned by 12 domed towers that famously can be seen from anywhere in the city, the 1 million square foot pad also features walled gardens, a hidden lair and dungeons. A chunk has been knocked off the valuation to reflect “potential structural problems” from the Palace’s recent move by an evil sorcerer to a mountain top.

Next up, Cinderella’s late gothic castle could be expected to fetch around £83m, thanks to a unique set of 27 towers soaring to 183 feet (nearly half the height of St Paul’s Cathedral), 20 reception rooms, a private moat and a throne room.

With sea views and a private shoreline, Prince Eric’s Castle, as seen in The Little Mermaid, has been given a price tag of £4m, while the Dwarfs’ Cottage from Snow White would apparently fetch just £250k in today’s market.

Meanwhile, Beast’s Castle, with its picturesque mountain-top location, grand ballroom and forbidden West Wing, looks worth around £15m to the team.

Mark Readings, CEO of House Network: “Everyone dreams of their fairy tale house, which gave us the idea of finding out how much some of the most famous fairy tale homes would go for if they were on the UK market today.

“Aladdin and Jasmine are quite literally sitting on a real estate goldmine in their palace and there’s certainly nothing beastly about the value of his castle, but at the other end of the spectrum should they choose to sell, each dwarf would be looking at just over £30,000 back from their cottage.

“Obviously it’s impossible to state definitively how much these palaces and castles would go for, but using various different factors such as the price per square feet in London we’ve given a good estimate to the value of each of these properties.”

While we’re at it, Foxtons recently valued Buckingham Palace at £2.2bn, which would put it right at the top of this list. The agency essentially took all 828,821 square feet and multiplied it by £2,750 per square foot (the rough 2016 Mayfair/St James’s average) to give £2,279,257,750. The sumptuous interior, 40 acres of grounds, doctor’s surgery and swimming pool would, said Foxtons, “undoubtedly raise the value further, should Her Majesty decide to sell up”. Feel free to insert your own drollery here.

Buckingham Palace