Heads of State Rooms: Which world leader has the most expensive official residence?

Infography: Ranking the most valuable official residencies of G20 leaders

It’s nearly Christmas, so in the spirit of avoiding proper news, here’s a ranking of the most valuable official residencies of G20 leaders (according to valuations by an online estate agency)…

China’s President Xi Jingping gets the largest and most valuable official residence of any G20 leader. His state residence, the Zhongnanhai complex in Beijing, covers 3,439,830 square metres and could invite offers in the region of £31bn, should it ever hit the open market.

That makes Theresa May’s Prime Ministerial 353 square metre flat at 10 Downing Street seem a bit pokey. It’s estimated to be worth £5.4m; just a few rungs up from Angela Merkel’s two-room top-floor official digs in Berlin’s Chancellery (Merkel usually stays in her own place, in Mitte, though).

Trump’s got to be a bit miffed with the valuation on his new pad at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Presidential residence in The White House is only worth £30.7m, according to Hatched (which looked at the size of the property, any recent published refurbishment costs and the local city’s average property price per square metre to come up with valuations. No consideration was given to historical significance, or extravagant fixture and fittings).

Vladamir Putin’s 275,000 square metre crib, valued at just north of ten figures, is the most “unaffordable” G20 official residence. If it were sold today, the proceeds would account for 0.9911% of the Russia’s entire GDP.

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