Over half of properties formally change hands on a Friday

Analysis of Land Registry records “reveals” the most popular day of the week for transfers…

A trawl through a million Land Registry records from last year has confirmed what all property pros already knew – that Friday is the best day of the week.

Out of 1,035,754 properties that changed hands in 2016, 458,344 (over 40%) formally did so on a Friday, almost the same as the total number of transfers on other days of the week combined.

Thursday (193,369) and Wednesday (144,518) were next, followed by Monday (126,124) and Tuesday (111,670). Quite a few went through on the weekend, surprisingly, with 852 on a Sunday and 877 on a Saturday.

A look at this year’s data shows a similar overall picture, with 264,625 (52%) of the 552,921 properties sold by the end of August officially going through on a Friday, compared with Thursdays (82,819), Wednesdays (71,376) Mondays (68,375), Tuesdays (64,921), Saturdays (444) and Sundays (361).

Robby Du Toit of Sell House Fast, which carried out the research, said there’s a few reasons why Friday rules: “It actually makes sense if you think about it. Completing the sale on Friday gives both the seller and buyer an entire weekend to move home, allowing them to unpack at the very least the essentials without taking too much time off work. And since the majority of people prefer Fridays over other days of the week, there is also less of a chance for any disruptions to occur in a property chain. On the other hand, it can be difficult to find a removal company as there is obviously high demand for their services on Fridays”.