Grosvenor to work on major new ‘garden community’ project in Essex

Also delivering huge new housing schemes in Oxford & Cambridge...

Grosvenor, the 340-year-old company in charge of 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia, has been signed up to help deliver a new “garden community” on the north-eastern edge of Essex.

The ambitious project in Great Chesterford proposes the creation of 5,000 homes, with all-new infastructure and amenities.

The vision for North Uttlesford Garden Community was included in the District Council’s Local Plan earlier this summer, and local landowners have now taken the key step of appointing Grosvenor as development partner.

The firm will now get together with councillors, local stakeholders and the community to develop initial “first principles for success” plans, with the overarching aim of building a “thriving new sustainable community”.

Bidwells has been appointed on Planning and Building Consultancy services.

Alex Robinson, Director at Grosvenor Britain & Ireland: “We are delighted that Grosvenor has been selected to work with the council and landowners on this opportunity to deliver a new neighbourhood with vital new homes and infrastructure.

“The country’s housing shortage is threatening our ability to provide homes for the next generation. We must respond not just with more housing units, but great places that are home to people of mixed incomes, backgrounds and life stages. Closer, creative collaboration is required and I look forward to working with the Parish Council, the District Council and the local community to develop these proposals.”

Grosvenor is already working on a 900-home project in Oxford called Barton Park, and another delivering 1,200 new properties, a new village centre and primary school over in Cambridge.