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Buying agency highlights May's key property market trends, including resurgent interest from investors, country house downsizing, and the 'distraction' of a looming General Election.

Will you be tuning in on May 22nd?

Sotheby’s International Realty Executive Partner Becky Fatemi reveals 'raw realities' of climbing to the top as a woman in business in candid podcast episode.

Estate agents are telling Garrington's team that they 'are having to accept vendor-led prices to ‘test the market’ prior to either offering price reductions or accepting a lower offer.'

'The start of meteorological spring hasn’t yet created a profound difference in the weather and the same could be said for the property market,' says Garrington.

Buying agency reports 'a healthy volume of off-market property that will be launched in spring, if not sold beforehand'. will be making a huge splash in the States this weekend; here's why the UK industry will be watching super-closely...

In Pictures: A 'once in a generation opportunity' has come up for sale in the Sunshine State.

Buying agency flags an 'optimistic yet fragile' outlook for the property market in 2024.

New Portia Fox-designed duplex at Southbank Place had the best views in the house.

"For savvy buyers who are less credit reliant, it could be that the most attractive UK property purchasing opportunities are seen in the earlier months of 2024, prior to the market gaining further traction,"…

YouTube star & luxury real estate agency team up to showcase the '$1bn' Chateau Du Champs De Bataille in Normandy, which is now up for rent.