Event: The ERC’s annual property debate will explore the PRS and the future of housing

"Your Property: Boom, Bust or Beyond your means" takes place on 21st September at Deloitte Real Estate

This year’s “boom or bust” property debate from the Economic Research Council will explore the future of housing, taking an in-depth look at the private rented sector.

The event, held in partnership with Deloitte Real Estate, will see a panel of very well-placed speakers look at various issues and opportunities facing the residential property sector, tackling questions such as:

  • Are the increasingly competitive and innovative commercial real estate sector, historically low interest rates and an unattractive bond market all combining to nudge the UK away from being an owner-occupied-dominated market?
  • The private rented sector (PRS) continues to expand with pace in the UK as novel solutions to the UK housing crisis are sought: is long term renting the solution?
  • Will innovations such as modularisation or 3D printing revolutionise construction?
  • Recent research by a range of parties has shown what has long been suspected: the millennial generation, blighted by both stagnating wages and rising house prices, now take decades longer than their parents’ generation to save for a deposit. Are the big hitters in UK PRS poised to offer a swathe of alternatives?


  • James Murray – Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development
  • Chris Baldwin – Senior Partner, Deloitte Real Estate
  • Melanie Leech – Chief Executive, British Property Federation
  • Simon Harding-Roots – Executive Director of Major Projects, Grosvenor
  • Michelle Hannah – Associate Director, Cast Construction Consultancy

Your Property: Boom, Bust or Beyond your means?
A Debate on the Future of Housing

  • Thursday 21st September, 18:30 – 21:00
  • Kindly Hosted by Deloitte Real Estate,
    2 New Street Square, EC4A 3BZ
  • Book your ticket here, or visit ercouncil.org for more information