Inside The OWO's four new show apartments: Luxury design studios go head-to-head at Raffles-serviced scheme

By PrimeResi Editor

In Pictures: Quartet of residences at the super-prime reinvention of Whitehall's Old War Office have been created by Angel O’Donnell, HBA, Accouter & RJP Design.

One of London’s most famous landmarks, the Old War Office building in Whitehall emerged in its new guise – The OWO – in September 2023, following a monumental eight-year renovation, undertaken by the Hinduja Group and Onex Holding.

The 85 new homes hewn from the Grade II* listed behemoth have an enviable sales hook: the first Raffles-serviced residences in the UK and Europe.

Promising to “set a new benchmark for luxury living in London, they come with access to over 30,000 sq ft of amenities, including a landscaped courtyard garden, private dining room, residents’ lounges, gym, wellness suite, picture room and games room.

The scheme is also home to the capital’s first Raffles hotel with 120-rooms and suites, nine restaurants, three bars and a “destination” spa led by Guerlain and Pillar Wellbeing (which is open to residents).

No two apartments are the same, in terms of layout and detailing; this is something that must have caused a few headaches for the development team, but provides another attraction for today’s HNW buyers – who are increasingly in search of the unique.

With this in mind, four different design studios – Angel O’Donnell, HBA, Accouter and RJP Design – were commissioned to create the interiors for the quartet of new show units, the results of which have now been unveiled…

The OWO from Horseguards Parade

Jenny Naylor, Brand Consultant, explained the thinking to PrimeResi: “Given that each of the 85 homes within The OWO Residences has a distinct layout and architectural detailing, we chose to emphasise this uniqueness by collaborating with four iconic interior design firms to ensure the interiors of the four show residences are as varied and individual as the homes themselves.”

Alex Rusling, Sales Director, added: “The new show residences perfectly embody the grandeur of their Grade II* listed setting. Featuring ceilings of up to 4 metres high and striking architectural details, each home is designed to highlight its unique characteristics, providing residents with a living experience that is both sophisticated and deeply connected to the building’s rich heritage.”

The four new show apartments have been designed by (clockwise from top left) Angel O’Donnell, RJP Design, HBA Residential & Accouter

Show Apartment 3.11 by HBA

  • Lead Designer: Patrycja Madecka
  • Vital Stats: 3,329 sq ft/3 bedrooms plus study
  • Price: £18.5mn

The Pitch: A refined collector’s home that promises richness and depth, special features at The OWO 3.11 residence include a spacious gallery once traversed by bicycle messengers, now embellished with sumptuous tapestries, three bespoke crystal chandeliers and an exquisite bar. Within a fusion of classical and modern elements, deeper hues of strategically placed furniture add to the residence’s understated allure. HBA Residential has conceived a design inspired by The OWO’s storied history showcasing a profound commitment to precision, luxury, refinement for the most well-travelled discerning buyer.

HBA Residential Director, William Bles: “Honouring The OWO’s history and forging the future, we believe 3.11 strikes the perfect harmony by paying homage to the building’s remarkable canvas while also cementing its own place within it.”

Show Apartment 5.10 by Accouter Group

  • Lead Designer: Sasha Dudley-Ryder and Isabella Nelson
  • Vital stats: 1,425 sq ft/2 bedrooms
  • Price: £8.75mn

The Pitch: The design of 5.10 honours the heritage of the building, a historical monument of the past, whilst also celebrating its future role as one of the most prestigious residences in the heart of London. Juxtaposing contemporary, bespoke furniture pieces with antique accessories and beautiful heirlooms create a contrasting but cohesive design which reflects the way the world is evolving. The design schemes celebrate our past while looking ahead to the future.

Accouter: “Our goal when designing our schemes has always been to maximise the beauty and the elegance of the building. By creating bold, yet exquisitely simple bespoke furniture pieces, alongside carefully curated antiquities we have aimed to create a wonderful harmony between the past and the present throughout both apartments.”

Show Apartment 4.04 by RJP Design

  • Lead Designer: Rickesh Patel
  • Vital Stats: 2,490 sq ft internal/517 sq ft external/3 bedrooms
  • Price: £15.5mn

The Pitch: The design concept focuses on creating a warm, inviting, and harmonious space that pays tribute to the building’s history while incorporating modern elements. The use of warm tones, textures, and green elements symbolises family unity and endurance. The integration of contemporary living with the building’s heritage showcases a balance between past and present. The inclusion of a secret garden terrace adds a private retreat for the family, enhancing the overall luxurious and opulent feel of the residence. The collaboration with
skilled designers and suppliers further emphasises the attention to detail and dedication to creating a modern sanctuary that respects the past.

Rickesh Patel: “Our vision was a space that radiates warmth, while paying homage to the rich history of the building. Meticulously selecting warm tones and textures, we curated an atmosphere exuding comfort, harmony, incorporating green elements, such as olive tones, to add a touch of natural beauty and symbolising the unity of family.”

Show Apartment 2.01 by Angel O’Donnell

  • Lead Designer: Ed O’Donnell
  • Vital Stats: 2,935 sq ft/3 bedrooms
  • Price: £19.95mn

The Pitch: Restrained refinement is the guiding principle throughout – blending warm neutrals with soft textures, sculptural forms with simple silhouettes, large, expressive paintings with small, hand-thrown ceramics, and an abundance of bespoke furniture, designed by Angel O’Donnell and handcrafted by local artisans. It’s a design that whispers luxury through impeccable craftsmanship, creativity and comfort; a feel-good home that compels you to inspect artwork, nestle into armchairs, luxuriate on sofas and even jump on beds.

Ed O’Donnell, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Angel O’Donnell: “It was pure joy designing for one of these remarkable residences. We created lots of bespoke, handcrafted pieces. Used marble, bronze, burlwood, oak, wool and leather. Curated an exciting mix of art. Then tied it all together with a warm, neutral palette for a cosy, pared back and discerningly stylish look.”