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Wetherell has been brought in to find a buyer for the former London home of Dame Barbara Cartland, cutting £5mn from the asking price and pitching the trophy mansion squarely at overseas buyers enjoying …

Top-end London property brokers are enjoying a bonanza of urgent interest from wealthy international buyers with US dollars to spend, looking to take advantage of a significant currency discount.

Napoleon III entertained the likes of Benjamin Disraeli and novelist Charles Dickens at 1C King Street, which now bears London's earliest surviving blue plaque.

No.3 Upper Brook Street was once the home of wealthy heiress and war heroine Viscountess Strangford, known as the ‘Bulgarian Florence Nightingale’

A longstanding feature of high-end listings, ‘price on application’, is on the way out after Trading Standards deemed the term both ‘misleading’ and ‘unlawful’. But what d

Three-bed apartment in Mayfair Chambers is the perfect base for an art collector, say agents

"Like the 1920s we are seeing penthouses and mansions in Mayfair selling well and rising dramatically in value," says Peter Wetherell.

38 Hill Street, better known as The Naval Club, could potentially be worth up to £100m as a private residence

US retail tycoon Harry Selfridge resided on the fourth floor of Brook House in the 1930s and 40s, half a century before the block was redeveloped to a design by Squire & Partners.

Top-end rental properties in Mayfair are going for as much as a third above the asking price, reports Wetherell, as Chinese students and socialites boost demand.

British Land’s record-breaking project overlooking Green Park is reputedly home to more billionaires, millionaires and celebrities than any other new apartment development in London…

Gothic-style affair on Farm Street is a real one-off.