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Spear's picks its top ten London sales, London buying, and country property advisors.

John Waters, formerly a Partner at Knight Frank's Chelsea office, has joined buying agency Robert Bailey Property

Buying agent Nathalie Hirst (pictured) triumphed at least night's Spear's magazine's Wealth Management Awards, walking away with the Property Advisor of the Year trophy

The 7th May cannot come soon enough, says Will Hollest, as pre-election uncertainty is driving buyers at the top-end of the property market to hunker down and wait for a result, any result.

It might be no bad thing that last year's stamp duty overhaul puts paid to the era of gazumping, sealed bids and garages being sold for millions, says Will Hollest, but what message about London does …

The reverberations of a mansion tax will be felt all the way down the property ladder, says Will Hollest, as he points out even more flaws in the latest set of plans to tax high value homes

Sit on the fence and you may still fall. But this uncertain market could be a boon for buyers brave enough to zig while others zag, says Robert Bailey Property's Will Hollest.

The headlines have flipped from Property Bubble to London Cooling in the space of just a few weeks

Robert Bailey's buying agency has recruited Will Hollest to give "a developer's eye" to the outfit

A rowdy performance by the Commons, but George seems to have done pretty well by the prime property industry, delivering a "Budget for an Aspiration Nation" that cuts corporation tax to 20%, makes it easier…

Foreign buyers who simply invest and never actually live in London are cheating themselves, says Robert Bailey..

 To sell your property on the open market or not?  That is the question... at least in prime central London, says Robert Bailey.