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Premium fashion, real estate, design and automotive brands are pioneering sustainable business models, says the New York-based president of property broker network Luxury Portfolio International®.

Broker network Luxury Portfolio International polled just over 200 of its members about the state of super-prime property markets around the world.

"Real estate is more recession-proof than other assets, especially when it comes to luxury homes," argues Mickey Alam Khan, the New York-based president of Luxury Portfolio International.

Luxury Portfolio International has brought some research to life, mocking up a fantasy home that showcases prime property buyers' seven key demands.

“After a record-breaking year in luxury real estate, we anticipate that some balance will be restored to the market,” says Luxury Portfolio International after surveying nearly 5,000 affluent consumers. “T

Jennifer Woodring has joined Luxury Portfolio International as Vice President, Customer Experience & Brand Collaborations.

Those who took advantage of staggering price depreciation in some of the world’s top centres are starting to reap the rewards, writes Mickey Alam Khan…