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High-profile buying agent Henry Pryor has recruited his youngest daughter, Kate Pryor, to The Firm.

Seven seasoned pros from the worlds of buying, selling and developing offer their honest opinions on where prices, volumes and expectations will be when the luxury property market eventually emerges from…

A Conservative majority is the only scenario that will lead to positive house price growth in 2020, predicts buying agent and market pundit Henry Pryor

Reuters' latest poll of property experts indicates a 'tepid outlook' for the UK market, with significant downsides to an unruly withdrawal from the European Union

Outspoken buying agent and market commentator makes his predictions for 2019

Buying agent Henry Pryor and insurance comparison website GoCompare have teamed up to create a 'property investment calculator'

We have months if not years of muddle to come, says Henry Pryor - and fear that what you buy today may be worth less tomorrow will keep all but the bravest buyers on the fence...

Henry Pryor "astounds" Dominic Frisby with a bearish bet at the Groucho

'If buying agents want to become more general estate agents then that’s fine but I do think that it would be better, fairer and more professional if they described themselves as such'

While the London team reports a trend for buyers casting their nets further in search of value, The Buying Solution's advisors in the country have noted a significant increase in the number of off- or…

BBC property commentator, buying agent and chief industry Tweeter Henry Pryor has launched a new service for those looking to sell and buy on the down-low. "