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While the housing secretary hacks through England’s leasehold system, he should also take his reformist scalpel to the planning process, says Glentree boss Trevor Abrahmsohn

Shell-and-core mansion just off Billionaires' Row is now guided at £5.5mn-£6mn

Current predictions of a long and drawn-out recession are overdone, writes Glentree boss Trevor Abrahmsohn.

It's being reported that Friday's "emergency mini-Budget" will feature a cut to Stamp Duty. Is this wise, and what impact might such a move have on the property market and on the wider UK economy?

Super-prime estate agent Trevor Abrahmsohn hopes the new Prime Minister 'will succeed and be our Queen Boadicea in difficult economic times'.

Unless the economic scene changes dramatically, a cataclysmic collapse in property values is unlikely, says the Glentree boss.

There must be another way to derive revenue from the property market without these penal transaction taxes, says veteran agent Trevor Abrahmsohn.

After a remarkable run, there is a palpable sense of unease in the market, reports veteran agent Trevor Abrahmsohn…

There is a bizarre disjunction between the economic outlook and the gymnastics of the market, writes veteran agent Trevor Abrahmsohn - but property values will continue to rise until supply and demand …

Rishi Sunak scored a 6/10 for yesterday’s Budget in the eyes of veteran agent Trevor Abrahmsohn...

‘In the £1m to £4m range, I’ve got nothing. I’ve never been in that position’, says Glentree boss Trevor Abrahmsohn.

Neurotic lenders are acting as a chicane on the markets, vents Trevor Abrahmsohn