Savills maps-out house price forecasts

Savills have come up with a nifty way of getting their property forecasts out there, launching an interactive “Five Year Forecast Tool” that can be used either straight from the Savills website, or be embedded on third-party sites and blogs.Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 20.19.32

The map, which comes in three sizes if you want to embed (see the biggest in action here) and offers forecasts for both prime and mainstream markets, takes Savills’ weather forecast approach to house price prediction a step further, creating something that Ulrika Jonsson would be proud of.

Lucian Cook, director, Savills residential research: “The Five Year Forecast tool is designed to offer a clear, visual representation of Savills’ forecast report, giving an indication of what the property market will look like over the next five years.  The tool was designed to be used by anyone with an interest in the property market, whether that be the general public, industry stakeholders or property experts.  We at Savills hope the tool adds to the conversation around the property market and outlook for the industry over the forthcoming year.”

View the full version here or at