Regentsmead partners with NFB to reach developers in need

The National Federation of Builders has teamed up with development financier Regentsmead to put the lender in front of more developers in need of funding.

logoRegentsmead will be offering advice etc to the NFB’s 1,000ish members as well as “fast and flexible” funding for various development projects.

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB: “The NFB is delighted to partner with Regentsmead to address the need for investment in SME construction companies and looks forward to sharing the success that this connection will cultivate.”

James Bloom, Chief Executive of Regentsmead: “We are thrilled to be teaming up with the NFB and hopefully plenty of their members will take full advantage of the Regentsmead offering. They have a superb reputation and it’s great to ally ourselves with a long established and well respected organisation. This hopefully forms another step in our drive to ‘Get Britain Building’.

“We have listened to a lot of our existing clients and the developer community is still reeling from a lack of mainstream funding sources. I have no doubt Regentsmead can plug the gap here for SME builders and developers and continue to help educate the community”.