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European developer's 'holistic' waterfront project has been inspired by the Banyan tree and will feature thousands of crystals to 'eliminate any negative energy'.

'The rapid approach of peak rates is coinciding with a modest improvement in housing market conditions in some key global markets,' says Knight Frank.

Compass Sports & Entertainment Division has partnered with David Johnson's INHOUS in the UK & Ireland

The property developer, which floated in London earlier this year, is working with top-flight luxury brands including Lamborghini, Missoni and Dolce & Gabbana.

Real estate continues to be the largest concentration of wealth in the world, reveals Savills, worth almost four times the value of global GDP.

Jenny Doolan has been charged with expanding LeadingRE's footprint in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Only two global cities are now at risk of a housing bubble, says UBS, down from nine cities a year ago thanks to 'house price corrections across the board'.

As surfing grows ever more popular, accessible & aspirational, how are luxury real estate markets evolving in locations with world-class waves on tap?

A panel of property and luxury lifestyle insiders address the shifting wants and needs of China's richest people when it comes to international investment, real estate and wealth matters - including insights…

Agency's dedicated sports desk is the 'best in the business', says Premier Sports Network.

Four Seasons has teamed up with Cisneros Real Estate to create 25 branded residences in the Dominican Republic, designed by Isay Weinfeld.

Dubai's US$10mn-plus market continues to lead the pack, but London and New York are still seeing healthy volumes, reports Knight Frank.