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Property consultancy's notional agricultural estate saw its total value drop by 1.7% last year, despite positive performance from residential elements.

Cash prizes were awarded instead of the freehold to Orchardton Castle, prompting a complaint to the ASA. The castle's owner is calling for the ASA itself to be investigated

Deloitte alumnus Sally Ormiston has joined Yorkshire's Rural Solutions as Head of Advisory

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John Bishop's Georgian mansion sells under HS2's 'Need to Sell' scheme after failing to find an open market buyer

Dorset's Grade I listed Athelhampton House comes to market in one of 2019's standout country instructions

Knight Frank predicts 8.2% price growth for prime regional property prices by 2023, with 'relative value' driving demand in more rural locations this year

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There is much more to consider besides maintenance and running costs when acquiring a genuinely top-end country estate or manor house, says Charlie Wells; first-generation ‘country squires’ are often bliss…

Scotland's 'land monopoly' is 'socially corrosive', argues a major new report from the Scottish Land Commission, as it calls for a new 'public interest test' on large-scale land deals.