Land Registry data free for all

The Land Registry’s historical Price Paid Data, listing over 17 million sale records, is now free for all. The Registry made the raw stats from January 2009 – January 2012 available for free download on Friday, with the numbers going back to 1995 due to open up in November. The data was previously only available to paying customers.

imgres-1To celebrate/promote, the Registryhas launched an open data challenge: You are tasked with “demonstrating the economic potential of Land Registry public data” in return for a £3,000 cash prize. Entries will be open from 26th July to the 25th October. Here’s the challenge:

We challenge you to develop a creative idea that clearly demonstrates how our public data can make a positive impact on the UK economy.

Share your innovation with us – tell us about your idea for a product, service or business improvement that uses our public data.

You can submit ideas in the following categories:

  • Web or mobile application (to benefit society)
  • Business process improvement or efficiency
  • Analytical and predictive research

You can enter the competition here.

Download data here: