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"The London influence on the rest of the UK remains weak," says Jackson-Stops & Staff, which has led to two very distinct markets emerging from the economic woes of the last five years

Reporting back from the salubrious Surrey & Berkshire suburbs, Julian Amos reflects on last year's game of two halves and why this year's buyers need to take advice from those in the know..

It might be a bit late - even for Santa - to organise this year, but which properties would the professionals like to wake up and find the keys to on Wednesday morning? 

Why did so many commentators and analysts get it wrong this year? Perhaps we still don't fully understand the strength of the forces behind the price growth we've been witnessing, says Camilla Dell..

Under Offer shouldn't mean Under Consideration, says our (livid) resident doer-upper Alan Page. So far one of our properties has gone "under offer" three times and still there's no sale

It hasn't taken long for the prime property industry to wade in with opinions on the Autumn Statement. Here be some lively thoughts on capital gains tax and more..

In case you were at lunch or something, the much-predicted imposition of Capital Gains Tax on foreign individuals buying in the UK has just been announced by the Chancellor in his latest Autumn Statement

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "kick 'em when they're down", Greece has been named "Worst Property Market of 2013"

Trevor Abrahmsohn is surprised to find himself agreeing with Tessa Jowell..

Tijen Ahmet gives us a brief overview of the new legislation and explains what it could all mean for the lettings sector..

If we keep trying to raise yet more taxes against foreign owners, there will come a point at which the capital loses its lustre, says James Bailey...

If your clients are in town for more than a few nights this festive season, short term rentals can be a godsend when you need to recommend a hassle-free base that feels like home (and show off your local…