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5,370 square foot freehold house in the oldest part of Chelsea was built on the design of a traditional Russian dacha

The quest for the un-covered side-return, the un-excavated basement or the un-converted loft is getting ever more fruitless for the capital's developers, as vendors are asking full-spec prices for "with p…

Recent media coverage has not reflected the fragility of this recovery; the dynamic in London is changing as we speak, says Ed Mead... Hype doesn’t help, we know that. Help to buy is an example. Only c. 2%

Minley Manor, Surrey £5m (OIEO)

As part of its Spring Review, Beauchamp Estates has fittingly given us an insight into the global billionaire population and how the super-rich are currently waxing their oodles of cash. S

Vale of Health, Hampstead, London £8m (Guide Price) Well we haven't seen an opportunity like this in a while.

As the much-vaunted 'value gap' finally starts to show signs of narrowing, fleeing the Big Smoke will be high on clients' agendas this year. So

Penthouse, Tower View, London £6.

How to get Abingdon Road prices up to One Hyde Park levels? All it'll take is a bit of canny marketing and a squaddie to hold open the door. Probably, says doer upper Alan Page

"In the latest issue of the Candy GPS Report, produced in partnership with Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and with exclusive research from Savills, we look at the global prime residential sector and…

Which areas of prime central London are top acquisition firms tipping for long term growth potential? Here's The Buying Solution's three current faves... 1. Vict

The Manton Estate, Wiltshire £26m (OIEO)