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London's garden squares "are seeing a residential revival", with some super high-end projects returning buildings around central green spaces back to their original use

A special report on the history and property market of Surrey's most super-prime enclave, sponsored by Hanover Private Office.

The popularity of buying agents has increased dramatically in recent years, and the market is showing distinct signs of maturity. Bu

As the man responsible for some of the capital's most lavish private leisure complexes, architect David Wolff knows a thing or two about what makes the ultimate indoor swimming pool.

PrimeResi meets the man behind one of the very few property development superbrands...

Founded 15 years ago this year, MSMR Architects has become one of the most influential practices in the London prime residential market

Super-prime London is not as sharply defined as it used to be, says Joe Burns.

Started up in 2008 by two of the UK's most experienced buying agents, Middleton Advisors has gone on to become a go-to name for purchasers in need of pro advice

The three big policy announcements for the high-value property industry in today's Emergency Budget were a mixed bag

The high net worth mortgage market can be a tricksy place, difficult to navigate and often frustrating for would-be borrowers who can clearly afford the sums, but struggle to fit into neat boxes

Four of the country’s most informed property pundits took turns to assess and analyse the main threats and opportunities facing the UK's residential real estate market at the Economics Research Council’s recen…

New research has given us more than a glimpse into the extraordinary world of Europe's elusive billionaires, including the real estate that really makes them tick.