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The European Commission is attempting to interfere and meddle from across the North Sea, in a highly sophisticated and particularly specialised local market, the dynamics of which it simply does not understand

Many a man has been driven to great lengths by love, and architecture is often a rewarding (though insatiable) mistress for such a passion, says Matthew Beckett...

Buying Agency Middleton Advisors has worked out that the cost of buying a £1.5m ish property in London has risen by 1% over the last five years, from 4.8% of the purchase price in 2009 to 5.8% in 2014.

Stiff + Trevillion has quietly established itself as one of the UK’s most successful architecture practices.

Last year, the Law Commission launched a consultation on the future of rights to light, seeking to introduce greater certainty into this particularly shady area of law.

The recent rebranding of Cluttons showed how to take one of the industry's most established, conventional identities, and turn it into something modern, fresh and instantly recognisable.

Before iceberg houses with humongous basements became cool, converting the loft was the go-to way for developers and homeowners to add a bit of space to a property.

Ed Miliband's latest plans will send shivers down the spines of the property and construction industries, along with all the other sectors that have benefited from the world’s wealthy coming to London…

What's driving house prices upwards and upwards? It's pretty simple, says James Bailey..

Following step changes in design, technology and fire safety, the simple staircase can now be elevated into something surprising, inspired and beautiful, says Sheila McCusker... W

Residential property is not the only thing in short supply in prime central London – the funding needed to develop new stock is equally hard to get hold of, says James Dakin...