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New York is the top global city for the world's wealthy, according to new analysis by research house Wealth-X, with "a significant lead" over other hubs

Euromoney, which owns Wealth-X, has bought rival firm WealthEngine.

The richest people on earth seem to be weathering the Coronavirus storm rather well, according to the latest World Wealth Report from Wealth-X

New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong are the top global cities for luxury living, according to a new index by HNW research house Wealth X.

Over 10% of the world's billionaires have donated something towards the fight against Covid-19 so far, according to some research by Wealth-X.

Dollar millionaires now control nearly a third of the world's total private wealth, reports Wealth-X, after "a decade, and more, of plenty" - a period that has been ended by the pandemic.

The number of "very rich" people (not merely wealthy, but not ultra-wealthy either) escalated by 10% in 2019 - a sharp acceleration from 2018's meagre 1% growth rate...

The global millionaire count is likely to rise again in 2020, predicts Wealth-X, but at less dramatic pace than in 2019.

There's been "muted" growth in the number of Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals over the last year, reports Wealth-X - but London has seen a bigger rise than any other top ten UHNW city

UK billionaires' combined net worth fell by 17% in 2018, reports Wealth-X

Paris has taken over from London as Europe's biggest city for super-rich residents

The global billionaire population expanded by 15% in 2017, says Wealth-X, while their total wealth grew by 24% to reach a record high