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Annual price growth across over half of London’s boroughs is now in negative territory, notes buying agency Turnbull Property

Buying agency Turnbull estimates £266.05m collected in SDLT across prime London during H1 2017, 4.9% down on H1 2014

New instructions and prices holding up reports top buying agency

'Confusing signals' emerging from HMRC data, says Turnbull Property

Over 83% of properties sold in prime London during Q2 2016 had a price reduction from the initial asking price, according to the latest research by Turnbull Property.

PCL search agency Turnbull Property has neatly summed up a rocky few months in the prime London market.

In the first quarter of 2015, there were 35% fewer transactions across PCL than there were, on average, in the last five years, notes buying agency Turnbull Property.

The number of London homes sold for over £2m has almost halved so far this year, down 48.7% on the same period a year ago.